Bart Scott blasts Ryan Fitzpatrick for not signing with Jets already

“It’s not about the money anymore. All these people talk about money and respect, but come on man, there are a lot of people out there who are underpaid and a lot of people who are overpaid,” Scott said. “You had your opportunity when you had the leverage in Buffalo. You got paid and took advantage of it. You don’t to get to cash in twice, bro. There’s only 32 jobs. If you don’t take it someone else will.”

All due respect to Bart, but Fitzpatrick should definitely try and get as much money as he can. Again: limited opportunities to get paid in the NFL. Get money while you can get money.

On the other hand, $10 million or $8 million is still a lot of money. Even if it’s not Brock Osweiler money, it’s still getting paid to throw to Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker in an offense that makes you look good.

There’s one other problem for the Jets: Fitzpatrick might not even be enough.

“One thing I know about the NFL is they will turn the page and move on. With Fitzpatrick or without Fitzpatrick I don’t know if this team, looking at this schedule, I don’t know if Ryan Fitzpatrick’s enough anyway,” Scott said. “Someone’s got to be great. Someone has to step up and become a superstar. And it can’t be the guy who already is a superstar. Someone’s got to dare to be great.”

If Fitz doesn’t sign and decides to play hard ball into the season, things could get ugly quickly. The Jets like Geno Smith (right?) and they drafted Christian Hackenberg, but it’s a bold move believing those two guys can replicate the success Fitzpatrick had.

Maybe the move is to wait and see how the Jets start and then really start demanding more cash. Or maybe you just suck it up, take the millions and try to lead the Jets to the playoffs.

Tom Brady will probably never step foot in your kitchen, but if you have $200 to spare, you can get the next best thing: Brady’s cookbook.

Actually, it’s not a cookbook, it’s a “Nutrition manual” and if you hate sugar, white flour, olive oil, iodized salt, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, eggplants, all caffeine and dairy products, then this is the perfect nutrition manual for you.

Here’s a description of the manual from Brady’s website (

TB12 Nutrition Manual is a limited-edition “living document” containing information about our core TB12 nutritional philosophies and featuring a library of 89 seasonally-inspired recipes that you can use to support your TB12-aligned nutrition plan.
First, this thing is a living document, which I think means you can eat it.

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