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Earl Thomas’ Russian Seahawks hat has a cool story behind it

During the Seahawks’ dismantling of the Lions in the wild-card playoffs Saturday, you might have noticed injured safety Earl Thomas’ special hat.

The hat actually was sent by a group of Russian Seahawks fans who call themselves the Russian 12s (a reference to the Seahawks’ 12th man). One of the brothers from that group works as Thomas’ driver and was able to give him a message from the group, or in this case, a gift.

it’s getting aggravating to have to push back against the defenders of old-school football, who always praise the grit and guts of players who bounce up after catching a head shot.

They become apologists for the league, start talking about staying home and playing hopscotch if you dont like hard hit’s, insisting that the armchair neurologists demanding that the league apply it’s own rules keep their mouths shut and let them enjoy the game. Theres no doubt theyll point to Moores stats (29 for 36, 289 yards, a late touchdown) and say, see, hes fine, Dr. Know-It-All.

it’s the same argument now as their was the first night of the season, and a bunch of days in between, and a bunch in all the years before.

Either the NFL wants to safeguard it’s playershealth, or it doesnt. Either it enforces it’s own polices, or it doesnt. Either it forgets whos playing and how and when forgets it’s the playoffs and that the Dolphins are screwed if they lose their quarterback and just does what it promises to do, or it doesnt.

NBA Finals: LeBron James says Cavs being underdogs to Warriors ‘doesn’t matter’

The Cavaliers are considered underdogs against the Warriors as the two teams are set to play for their third consecutive NBA Finals. LeBron James is used to that role as teams he’s been on have been deemed the underdog for six of his eight Finals apearances.

Kids C. J. Prosise Jersey When asked about it, James said it doesn’t bother him: I only play blackjack in Vegas anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

Looking back, as Irving prepares to face Brown, currently acting coach of the Warriors, he realizes he could have handled it better.

Kids Chuck Foreman Jersey I understand that things happen in this league sometimes, whether controlled or uncontrolled. You know, it’s just a learning experience. I was a 21-year-old kid, just trying to lead a franchise, and he was a new head coach that I had to get introduced to a new offense, new players, as well as new system. So, it was a learning experience, to say the least. It wasn’t something — I kind of regret being part of that, because he was just trying to teach me a lot of things that I didn’t necessarily understand as a 21-year-old in the NBA.

As for Brown, he’s not looking at this as a revenge game. He says when he looks back on his Cleveland coaching days, he has fond memories. As acting coach, replacing the ailing Steve Kerr, Brown is too focused on trying to help his current team win to spend any energy on plotting his revenge.

A lot of people have said this to me, and maybe I am made up differently — I’m not looking at this as Cleveland fired me twice, this is the time to get back at them, or is there any extra incentive? No, I just want to win. I don’t care who it is, I just want to be a part of a winning program and be the last team standing.
Game 1 starts Thursday night, and Brown is expected to be on the sideline for Golden State as coach.

That’s what it takes to shut down Brady in the playoffs and still lose an unforgettable choke

With it, Rodgers set career highs in both pass completions (401) and pass attempts (610). He added another key 42 yards on 10 carries against the Lions to also hit career highs in rushing attempts (67) and rushing yards (369).

That’s not bad for a 33-year-old who had been quick to be written off by his misguided critics when the Packers were 4-6. There’s still the 7.2 yards per attempt that some can knock as a sign of him fading. In reality, that proves how well he’s adjusted his game to raise the personnel around him.

Using the short passing game more to extend the running game that ended up featuring converted wide receiver Ty Montgomery Check. Picking ideal spots to scramble for first downs and touchdowns Double check.

That’s what it takes to shut down Brady in the playoffs and still lose an unforgettable choke, or atrocious play at quarterback.

Those kind of losses stay with you. It should stay with OBrien, because competence at quarterback, and on offense, is the bare minimum anyone expected when he was hired.

Yet OBrien either chooses poorly or does not (or cannot) do what he was advertised to do: groom and coach up a quarterback, and construct an offense.

For what it’s worth, Manning and Rodgers said this week that they have deleted the 2011 game from their memories. Manning also denied the existence of what seems obvious to everybody: a Playoff Eli, not to be confused with the other one.

Bell had one of his worst rushing games of the season in the Oct. 23 matchup vs. New England, with only 81 yards on 21 carries in a 27-16 Week 7 loss. But that was before Bell, still a little rusty post-injury and suspension, got into his current groove with his patented patient, tough, explosive running.blue_jays_026_7d136622ceea54c5-180x180

Bill Belichick’s truth bomb about NFL playoff experience still applies

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The 2017 NFL playoff field includes four teams (Dolphins, Texans, Raiders and Cowboys) that will start quarterbacks who have never before seen action in a postseason game one third of the group.

One would think that fact gives New England even more of an advantage over its potential divisional-round opponents from Miami, Houston and Oakland. But coach Bill Belichick knows better, and so do his players.

Vinnie Iyer (against the spread): Brock Osweiler got a big confidence boost by playing well enough for Houston to get past Oakland. It will be a lot more difficult against a New England defense that will take away the run. Osweiler will be put in uncomfortable downs and distances often against the Patriotspass rush.

The Texanspass rush comes in hot, but Brady will neutralize it by spreading the field in a short-to-intermediate passing game. As the Texanslinebackers get worn down trying to chase his targets, the Patriots will then turn to LeGarrette Blount to play the closerrole with a few long second-half bursts.

Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels will be well prepared for what Romeo Crennel schemes, while Bill OBrien will be handcuffed with his personnel to try to solve Matt Patricias game plan this time.

Seeing them match up with Tom Brady and a unit that lacks Rob Gronkowski but still managed to be damn potent down the stretch could be a lot of fun.

Game Kids Trae Waynes Jersey When the Texans have the ball, though, not so much fun. Possibly nausea-inducing, actually. Brock Osweiler needs to do two things: remember DeAndre Hopkins is on his team, and get big plays from the defense and special teams. That would be to keep it close.

Oops: New Chargers coach Anthony Lynn forgets team moved to Los Angeles

Anthony Lynn seemed to forget in which city his new team now resides.

During the now-Los Angeles Chargers’ new conference that introduced Lynn as the team’s new head coach, Lynn flubbed his opening line and called themby their old San Diego name.

While it would be understandable if Lynn botchedthe name in the middle of his speech the Chargers did spend more than50 years in San Diego he was barely five words in.
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The Chargers were also likely embarrassed by the mistake.

When the team posted Lynn’s introduction on its website, it conveniently began the video after the introduction whenLynn was taking questions.

The Packers (10-6) lost three cornerbacks with injuries as Makinton Dorleant (knee), Damarious Randall (knee) and Quinten Rollins (neck) all left and did not return. Dorleant and Rollins were both carted off the field as the Packers secondary became even more depleted heading into the postseason. Rollins was taken to a local hospital for evaluation, but did have movement in all his limbs.

Mens Brian Orakpo Jersey Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had a record-setting day in Miami. Brady threw for 276 yards with three touchdowns and zero interceptions to set an NFL record for best single-season touchdown-to-interception ratio. Brady has 28 touchdowns and just two picks this season. He also passed former Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino for fourth place on the NFL’s all-time passing yards list. Brady has 3,554 yards in just 12 games this season and 61,582 yards for his career. Marino (61,361) is now fifth behind Brady, Drew Brees (66,111), Brett Favre (71,838) and Peyton Manning (71,940).

Mookie Betts shows off hops to rob Chris Carter, fan of home run

Mookie Betts was so tired of the Yankees scoring runs Wednesday that he stole a home run right out of a fan’s hands.

In the bottom of the sixth inning, already down 5-0, Betts displayed incredible hops to rob Chris Carter of a second home run on the night.

Was that red shirt a sign that a Boston fan snuck into Yankee Stadium? Did he intentionally drop it? We may never know. But Betts and the Red Sox got a cool play out of it.
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Speaking of shirts, how awesome was the guy to the left of the fan with butterfingers? His jersey was outstretched well before the ball made it to the fence displaying a T-shirt that said, WHAT? Yes, we are all asking the same question.

Through all the madness and possible controversy, Betts robbed his sixth home run since 2014, which is the most in MLB.
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For most teams, choosing a guy who has two Cy Young Awards in his pocket 鈥?one in each league 鈥?would have been an easy decision. But as you can see, we didn’t go with Max Scherzer, a St. Louis native the Cardinals picked in the 43rd round of the 2003 draft (he went on to star at Mizzou instead, as expected). See, the basic rule of thumb for breaking ties for any list like this is simple: Go with the Hall of Famer. And Molitor is the Hall of Famer. According to this column , Molitor wanted $8,000 to sign and the Cardinals offered $4,000, so Molitor played college ball at Minnesota and three years later went No. 3 overall in the first round to the Brewers.

The Bengals took a step backward in that regard last season

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“We had a great stretch run there where we were playing really well and making the playoffs and didn’t seem to make anything happen with it for one reason or another,” said Whitworth, who has started 164 games since being drafted by the Bengals in 2006. “Then you finally have that year where it was a down year and things don’t shake your way. You don’t really get a lot of breaks. You have some guys go down (with injuries). You didn’t play up to the potential you played a few years before with the same guys and realize, ‘Hey, you know what? We’ve got to rededicate and refocus.’

“At this point in my career it’s about the challenge, the excitement of trying to win that Super Bowl. I want to make sure wherever it is, and hopefully it’s in Cincinnati, that team is prepared to try and fight for that trophy.”

The Bengals took a step backward in that regard last season, failing to reach the playoffs for the first time since 2010 with a 6-9-1 record. Cincinnati was hit hard in free agency last offseason as it lost quality veterans such as safety Reggie Nelson and wide receivers Mohamed Sanu and Marvin Jones. Another round of departures for a team that builds primarily through the draft is possible with Whitworth, right guard Kevin Zeitler and cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick headlining a lengthy list of pending unrestricted free agents.

“You could tell,” Wright said. “(The Falcons) got really hyped in the beginning. As the game kept going on, I believe that fire kind of went out and they lost that energy they had. They were prepared for the game, but of course, it always comes down to finishing.

“The Patriots have been in that position before. They have a veteran quarterback who has been there and a veteran coach.”
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they often just represent a standard extension of many people’s faith.

The historic implications of the result don’t even factor into it — so even if it had not been the record-setting fifth win for Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, this one would stand the test of time.

Their very first together, 15 years ago in Super Bowl 36, is in the conversation for the best. Their longevity is astounding … but what they pulled against the Falcons earns this on its own merits.

While some may find such beliefs silly, they often just represent a standard extension of many people’s faith.

“For people who believe this, it is deeply felt that God is alive in the world and plays a role in all aspects of human affairs, even sports,” Dan Cox, director of research at PRRI, told Religion News Service. “If you are an enthusiastic fan, why would God be absent from the (field)?”

But the survey also includes some interesting tidbits when you look closer.

For one, even those who are skeptical about God’s interest in sports seem to at least be willing to acknowledge that it’s a possibility. Consider: More people admit to having prayed for their favorite team to win (28 percent) than believe that God plays a role in sports outcomes (25 percent), according to the study.

Hmm. Just 28 percent have prayed for a team to win? Could 28 percent be on the low side, or even just a fraction of the true number? It’s hard to say.

Every broadcast of a big game, especially if it’s close or has tense situations, shows shots of fans with hands clasped, often whispering/mumbling to themselves, sometimes looking skyward. Presumably, there are thousands more doing similar things in front of their TVs at home.

Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff opens up, offers insight into Atlanta’s Super Bowl run

The 49ers lack talent almost everywhere on the field, but with $80 million or so to spend in free agency, that can change in a hurry if they choose to be aggressive.

Outside of quarterback, receiver might be San Francisco’s biggest need. Alshon Jeffery likely will command top dollar, which would mean a contract in the $15 million range. Other, cheaper options like Kenny Stills exist, but Jeffery is a safer bet.

A number of intriguing cornerback options will be available, too, including Stephon Gilmore, Dre Kirkpatrick and AJ Bouye. All are expected to earn big contracts in the $12 million-14 million per year range. Second-tier corners include Prince Amukamara and Morris Claiborne.

Thomas Dimitroff doesn’t wear either of the two Super Bowl rings he won as a member of New England’s scouting staff.

Maybe he’ll feel differently about sporting a third piece of NFL bling if the Falcons defeat the Patriots on Sunday in Super Bowl 51.

Limited Youth Paul Posluszny Jersey Hired as general manager by Atlanta in 2008 after four years as New England’s college scouting director, Dimitroff and his staff have quickly constructed a championship-caliber working two seasons in lockstep with head coach Dan Quinn.
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In this video interview with Sporting News taped Thursday at the team’s Houston hotel, Dimitroff explains why he doesn’t wear those rings, reveals the most overrated element of Super Bowl week and describes why the bond he and Quinn share is so vital to the team’s success.

Anthony Rizzo blasts two home runs to lead Cubs past Giants

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Two important things happened to the Cubs on Wednesday: they won, and Anthony Rizzo officially found his groove.

While edging the Giants 5-4 at Wrigley Field, the Cubs finally looked like the team everyone fell in love with last season.

Giants (20-28) at Cubs (24-21), 2:20 p.m. ET — Struggling Jeff Samardzija (1-5, 4.57 ERA) will tote the rubber for San Francisco, while the Cubs counter with 26-year-old Eddie Butler (1-0, 2.00 ERA). The Cubs have now won six of their last eight games after a brutally slow start. Joe Maddon never seemed too worried. Fans should now get to enjoy similar form that year’s World Series-winning crew provided.

In Brett’s case, you might recall that 1980 was the year he flirted with a .400 average, finishing the season at .390. But average wasn’t his only play that year.

Brett also led the league in on-base percentage (.454), slugging percentage (.664), OPS (1.118) and OPS+ (203). He also clubbed 24 homers and drove in 118 runs, despite his lengthy absence from the Royals’ lineup.

Though the precedent doesn’t necessarily represent an apples-to-apples comparison, it should at least give Braves fans hope that Freeman will be able to maintain his elite pace upon his return the way Brett did 37 years ago. Through Wednesday’s game, Freeman had a slash line of .341/.461/.748 to go along with those 14 homers. His early season success had the makings of a career year, which makes the injury not only ill-timed but downright illness-inducing for Braves fans.

Semyon Varlamov Authentic Jersey But perhaps Brett’s example can provide some solace as the Braves try — probably futilely — to replace his bat in the lineup.